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hesperornis ([personal profile] hesperornis) wrote2008-07-02 05:59 pm

Oh, Nostalgia

Well, I'm home for a month before my wedding.  It's a little weird. 

I've been cleaning out my closet.  I have a lot of old crap.  Special shoes and jeans and a helmet from when I did horseback riding for awhile, my gloves from when I took karate, my ice skates that I haven't used in ages.  Old t-shirts that I've been hoarding to someday make a quilt out of.  My lab coat from bio in New Zealand. 

As fondly as I remember all of these things, though, it's truly amazing how the knowledge of the size of my apartment in Lubbock, coupled with the growing pile of wedding gifts in the basement, makes me more inclined to let go of these things.  My parents will probably hate me for leaving this stuff for them to deal with, but at least I'm giving them implicit permission to get rid of it by any means they choose. 

I have, however, discovered my box of treasures from grade school and high school, which is strange and nostalgic.  Among the things I have found:

A number of interesting rocks (some things never change)
About a gazillion pressed leaves, loose in the box and crumbling everywhere
Some raw sheep's wool (grey and greasy... eww)
Several origami cranes signed by my old friend Nicky, who presumably made them
A tiny book about crocodiles
A lollipop stick (what the heck?)
A small plastic elephant
An origami box with smaller origami boxes inside
A functional cardboard camera obscura that I made at the museum once... I think I'll keep that, it's cool
A keychain with 8 buttons that make different battle noises... or used to, before the battery died
A sharp stick with bark so pretty I don't really want to throw it out
A bouncy ball
A contraption of unknown function which seems to involve hefty wire, a spring, tiny metal scraps and a friendship bracelet
My high school dance card (the one which says that I signed an agreement to abide by the school's dance rules)
Several cookie fortunes and illegible movie ticket stubs
My first high school schedule and progress report
A stack of letters

And, my favorite...  A notice of the continuation of Bryce's high school soap opera, "Life... And Then Some," with episode 24, in which:  
    Brian and Claire narrowly escape death
    Greg, Cathy, and Marie's problems compound
    and Angela has a black hobby

I might have to save that... just for nostalgia's sake.  :-)

[identity profile] pianomanbeh.livejournal.com 2008-07-03 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
Oh wow...I don't even know where all my files are saved for that. That's INCREDIBLE. You have to keep that.

[identity profile] hesperornis.livejournal.com 2008-07-03 03:41 am (UTC)(link)
Tragically, it isn't the actual episode that I have, it's just a leaflet that you printed out, presumably after a hiatus in writing.

...I still can't believe you did that. ;-) If you're like me, all your files are probably stored on a floppy disc somewhere that no modern computer can read.