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Well, it's official--I'm starting to suffer from wedding-related stress.  Namely, I had my first wedding nightmare last night.  It involved realizing, 30 minutes before the ceremony, that my dress was coming apart at the seams (not to mention that it was, for some reason, jet-black).  Then, I had no bouquet, so my mom handed me hers (wtf?).  My bridesmaids were both missing, and the groomsmen were wearing blindfolds.  The church was dark and there were about three people there.  There were no musicians and no decorations.  I felt like I hadn't had enough time to rehearse my vows, and I didn't know what the ceremony was supposed to involve. 

Strangely enough, the dream ended on a positive note--talking to Chris and basically saying, it doesn't matter that everything went wrong, we're married anyway, right? 

The only things I can't readily explain from things that have gone wrong in the planning so far are the blindfolds and the black dress--and those might have explainable reasons, too, they're just not as obvious.  I spent much of yesterday struggling with the zipper on my dress, which involved putting in and ripping out the seams at least three or four times, not counting the hand-sewing portion which took several hours.  I also found out yesterday that the church won't let my friend cantor, but that I need to hire someone from their approved list.  (She can still be a soloist, and I'm working things out, but it's still a point of stress.)  I haven't been home to deal with details like the flowers, so my mom has been taking care of that.  I've lost two bridesmaids already, and I haven't heard from a third in awhile ([personal profile] damasque, you out there?).  We've received equal numbers of acceptances and regrets so far--it's a long way for a lot of people to travel, and I know it's going to be hard on people with gas prices the way they are.  In addition, we have received a very small percentage of the total RSVPs so far, which is stressing my mom out, at least.  I still feel vaguely lost regarding the ceremony procedure, and having a guest priest is going to make things even more interesting.  The black dress might refer to Chris's mom's dress, which is black, which I think is fine but my mom was horrified by.  The blindfolds could be an expression of my own lack of knowledge of what's going on, or it could mean that I think they're oblivious to their duties, or it could be something else entirely, who's to say. 

As a matter of fact, I think the only major issue that _didn't_ come up in the dream was my nerves over the marriage license.  We're going to have a window of about four hours in which to get that taken care of, and it won't happen until the day before the wedding because both Chris and I need to be present to obtain one.  If we don't make that window, the wedding won't happen.  If that isn't something to be nervous about, I don't know what is!

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Everything will work out in the end. That has always been my experience when it comes to big things like this. Also I apologize for not officially RSVPing yet, but obviously I'm coming, as I already got the plane tickets. I know your wedding will be great.

As for the license thing... if, for some weird reason, you didn't get it in time, couldn't you still have the wedding? It is a religious ceremony, bonding you and Chris spiritually, right? The law stuff is well... more Earthly. Could you get the license later and just have some justice of the peace do the "legal" "I do" bit? (Sort of like how I went through the graduation ceremony at Whitman but I didn't legally graduate until September.) I don't know how the Church or your mom would feel about that though. I don't know much about these things.

Dream Chris is right about the little difficulties. In the end, you are still married.

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I don't see a reason why you couldn't have the religious ceremony and then a legal ceremony later. Would the priest not perform a wedding without a license?

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He probably would, but the parish wouldn't be happy about it. They say explicitly in the preparation materials that the license shouldn't be put off til the last minute... which is what we'll have to do. I was hoping that there'd be a way around it--send a notarized copy of the materials by mail or something--but no dice. Oh well.

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Black dress, coming apart at the seams, and blindfolds.


That's hot. ;)