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hesperornis ([personal profile] hesperornis) wrote2008-03-01 10:30 pm


I voted in my very first primary (early) on Friday.  I must say, it was kind of exciting, except for the part where I suddenly realized that there were other offices on the ballot that I wasn't prepared to vote for.  And, I felt a little bit dirty signing the bit declaring that I'm a Democrat (and therefore won't be voting in any other primaries).  I don't like aligning myself with a political party--but I guess it's not exactly signing my soul away.

The aggressive campaigning has been driving me nuts, though.  Hillary's using scare tactics in her TV ads and is starting to sound desperate.  Bill _and_ Chelsea came to Lubbock, which was surprising.  Obama backed down from an appearance out here because supposedly we're too much of a Clinton stronghold... what?  Last I heard, we were so conservative out here that Bill Clinton spoke at a high school auditorium that they didn't think they could fill. 

...And, Hillary was just on Saturday Night Live.  I'm going to be so happy when this is all over.  :-P

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I will be so happy too.
There's nobody I want to vote for ;_;.

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There are some advantages to living in China during the campaign season, one of them is that I don't have to see any of the political ads that tend to drive folks crazy.

It sounds like Clinton's campaign is spinning out of control, but I still think she would make an excellent president. To me it seems more and more clear that running a good campaign and being a good elected official have very little in common.

Hillary was on SNL? Was it funny? Gore and Bush both went on SNL. I think Gore has been the host 3 times by now.