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I have come to the conclusion that most of my students wouldn't last two seconds at Whitman. The homework assignment for today was ridiculously simple, and indeed, most people turned it in before the hour was up. Yet it was so incoherent that I seriously thought about docking points for excessively poor grammar. And I don't remember ever having told people that the weather had _anything_ to do with the texture of igneous rocks. Clearly even the fivefold mention of "QUIZ" failed to get their attention on some of the finer points. Sheesh. One of the questions--worth three points out of five--was whether Kansas has any igneous rocks at the surface. (It does--small kimberlite outcrops in two counties.) Several people clearly didn't bother to check the map that was _right on the wall of the lab_. Honestly.

Anyway, I'm going to supper now. I need chocolate ice cream like nobody's business. :-P
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Check it out. I might try to rustle up some people to go with me this weekend. I would like everyone even remotely associated with the Whitman RenFaire to note the theme of their faire, and to rejoice in the fact that We Did It First.

In other news, today I became officially certified to drive a giant 15-passenger van (though with no more than 12 people including the driver in it, per school policy). Certification involved watching a one-hour video. No actual driving practice was required. Hmm.

In other-other news, my students today couldn't distinguish galena from graphite, quartz from halite (taste it! I said. Eww, no way! They said. How are you going to know what it is? I said. Aren't you going to tell us? They said. Sheesh.), or calcite from anything else. I was running around trying to help where I could, but there was much confusion overall. Maybe tomorrow I'll make sure to remind them to _Read The Directions_ since clearly very few people bothered to today, costing some of them over an hour. *sigh* Maybe I'll get the hang of this one of these days.


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