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There was a field trip all weekend. This is what it was like:

Days: 1.5
Professors: 2
Vans: 2
Tents: 8
Total Students: ~16
Female Students: 3
Average size of undergraduate male belt buckle: Salad Plate
Average size of undergraduate male ego: State of Texas
Average size of undergraduate male brain: chicken egg
Varieties of Tobacco consumed by undergrad males: 2 (*gag*)
Tasteless, Homophobic jokes uttered by undergrad males: At least one (which is at least one too many)
Times an undergrad male fled from threat of estrogen: 1 (Hah!)
Number of times I contemplated beating obnoxious people (mostly undergrad males) with my rock hammer: ~423
Pyritized turritellids: 15 gazillion
Fragmentary brachiopods: 15 gazillion
Trilobites: 1
Limestone: Lots
Shale: Lots
Kimberlite zones visited: 1
Really cool rocks: many, many tons
Fish heads: 2
Scorpions: 1
Very Large Arachnid Lifeforms: Eeeek!
Venomous Snakes: 0
Ticks reported: 0
Meals at "Bob's Diner": 2
Alcohol consumed: none (amazing!)

In summary: Very cool field trip, would have been cooler if not for the stupid undergrad males.

My week consisted mostly of giving tests, grading tests, and even taking a test of my own. Another highlight was the arrival of Chris Peevey's new copy of "X-Men: Legends" for the Gamecube. As the owner of the new game, he has decreed that anyone who wishes to play will choose a character, stick with that character, and play the game in-character. So now the cast runs like so: Cyclops--Chris, Jean Grey--Cecilia, Wolverine--Gordy, Rogue--Me, Nightcrawler--Stephen, Iceman--Copper, Beast--Scott, Storm--Jacque. Yes, there _are_ enough geeks in the CD that this works. Scary, isn't it? Even scarier is how readily some of these people take to their parts. The banter between Chris/Cyclops and Gordy/Wolvie is hysterical. Though I think Chris's girlfriend may be taking some slight umbrage at the fact that Chris refers to Cecilia as his 'wife' during the game.

I also never realized just how awesome Rogue _is_ in the comics. In the game, she's a brawler, doing more damage than Wolverine and tossing cars around like Beast, and she can even fly. I'm getting a royal kick out of it. :-) It's a little crazy to watch the lot of us giggling maniacally at the amount of damage we're doing. Chris was talking to me before choir today about the mission they ran last night, and his comment was that it would be pretty terrifying to be a civillian watching a bunch of superheroes saving the world and giggling all the while...


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