Aug. 19th, 2004 01:48 pm
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Well, here I am in Hays, Kansas, and so far it's turning out ok. I could do without the dead crickets in the hallway, but my room is pretty big and I have a _huge_ closet (compared to the Whitman dorms, at any rate)! Happily, I have a room to myself, and Agnew Hall is even closer to the Geosciences department than Lyman was to the Science building, so that's nice too. And, I have a basement room, so if a tornado strikes, I'm already in a relatively safe place...

It was very hot up til today--it's cool and rainy now--but it's been constantly humid, which is making my hair about three times as frizzy as it normally was in Walla Walla, despite the liberal application of anti-frizz junk that I don't normally bother with.

I'm in the process of getting settled in, now--I have an ethernet connection (thank _God_!) and I will have an office as soon as Ike decides to move out... "Ike" is pronounced "ee-kay", the guy is Japanese and a little bit nuts and has managed to spread foot-deep piles of stuff across two desks in the graduate offices despite the fact that he's not technically supposed to be occupying the graduate offices this year. He should be moving out soon, though, because if I'm to keep 'office hours' I probably need an office to keep them in.

It's a giddy feeling... I'm now officially in academia. I'll have a little bitty piece of an office and a little bitty stipend, and I'll be getting paid to teach while I'm attending school and doing research. I'll be heading off to my very first professional meeting in November, where I'll be networking and building professional relationships and learning all the little politics that go into being an academe. Not so keen on that last part, but I figure if I can survive Freshman geology lab without major scarring, I should be able to handle most anything. Wish me luck. :-)


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